The Top 20 Social Change Documentaries of 2012

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2012 was another big year for break-out films in the social change genre. With most of the bases covered for all of the major problems we’re facing, more and more films this year focused on the solutions side of the equation, giving a voice to the uplifting stories of people working to realize their dreams of a thriving, sustainable world.

For the films that focused on the problems-side, it’s no longer enough to advance the well-trodden ideas of the past. It’s a time of creative destruction, where all of our assumptions about the world are no longer taken for granted, giving air to fresh, radical new perspectives and ideas.

While many are quick to still focus on the growing and troubling consolidation of the world’s major powers, it’s critical to not lose sight of the greater narrative unfolding, which resembles the birthing pains of an old order toppling, fighting to hold onto the last vestiges of its power as a new global consciousness shifts us into the next era.

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Imagine by John Lennon

Nothing in the world can kick this new blog off and explain why I created it more appropriately than this well-known song by John Lennon. ┬áSo, pull up a fragrant cup of tea, get comfy, and let’s light a few soul bulbs…


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