This Man Could Very Well Save the World: Allan Savory

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If you’re not familiar with the term “desertification” I would highly recommend watching this video.  Why should we care about it?  Desertification has been responsible for wiping out entire civilizations in the past and it’s no speculation that it will be the destruction of a lot of the life on this planet if it’s not reversed.  It’s a fact.

Allan Savory is a man on a mission:  To save the planet.  And he’s going to do it.  He’s already got documented large-scale successes.  Watch, learn, and see what he’s doing.

This is a perfect example of how not complacently buying into current paradigms can have a dramatic and positive impact on the lives of all of us!


Happiness Is…

happiness love

Love, pure love, is without expectation.  It’s without differentiation.  It’s not capable of judgement or criticism.  It doesn’t separate itself from anything.  It’s the bliss of knowing that which is the inherent common denominator in all life and celebrating it.  We exist… in love!


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A beautiful story. Where there is love there is always a way.

The Mystical Path


A Man & His Dog Buy More Time Together

Love is unbounded. Love knows no end. Love never dies.  The picture above featuring a man and his dog has led to a healing no one expected.

    This picture of a Minnesota man soothing carrying his dog through Lake Superior pulled heartstrings across the nation as soon as it was posted online in August. It was much more than a peaceful photograph: John Unger is committed to ailing dog Schoep, regularly taking the shepherd mix into the water to help ease the pain of the canine’s arthritis. Photographer Hannah Stonehouse captured the moment.

    Unger’s newfound celebrity changed his and his dog’s life. For the past few months, the Bayfield man received emotional letters and donations from all over the world. Over $10,000, mostly from moved strangers, pays for weekly laser therapy. “He has a much better life,” Unger told…

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